The Best Collagen Firming Lotions Promote Collagen Growth

Published: 28th June 2009
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The best collagen firming lotions do not contain any collagen because the molecules are too large to pass through your skin. Despite this, you can find many lotions and creams list collagen as an ingredient of their lotion.

While this makes topical applications of collagen useless, the stimulation of your body's ability to produce collagen is not. There are several substance that have been found to promote collagen growth in the skin. Therefore the best collagen firming lotions have ingredients promote collagen growth. This leads to the obvious question; what kind of ingredients promote collagen growth.

One common ingredient found in many creams and lotions is called CoEnzyme Q10 or CoQ10. CoQ10 is a natural substance that is used in the basic functioning of our cells and can be purchased as a diet supplement. The interesting thing is that when applied to our skin CoQ10 promotes the growth of collagen. As the body increases in the levels of collagen the wrinkles diminish and may disappear. The best collagen firming lotions also has useful ingredients like Cynergy TK which also helps the body produce more collagen and is an antioxidant.

In fact, Cynergy TK and vitamin E are both antioxidants you may want to look for in your lotions and creams. Antioxidants protect your skin from free radicals caused by the oxidation process. While oxidation is required for life, free radicals can do cellular damage to the skin that antioxidants can help to repair

Vitamin E is very common, but one problem you may find is that Cynergy TK, unlike CoQ10, is an ingredient not found in most over the counter products. To find Cynergy TK you will have to research your product ingredients to find which companies use this as an ingredient.

Want to learn more about ingredients like Cynergy TK and CoQ10? You can get on the internet and Google "Cynergy TK" to find out more about it or you can simply follow the link to learn more about what you should find in a good collagen moisturizer then you should visit now to learn about the skin care line Bill personally recommends.

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