Discover How Increasing Collagen Can Restore Your Youthful Skin

Published: 28th June 2009
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What if I told you that a product that contains collagen and elastin can not help your skin, at least not by containing collagen and elastin? You see, collagen and elastin are proteins in your skin that keep your skin firm and allow your skin to keep its shape.

With the aging collagen there is the natural breakdown of this protein in your skin. Environmental factors like exposure to sunlight over a lifetime and the products used on your skin can increase this breakdown. With this breakdown of collagen your skin becomes less firm. With the decrease of elastin your skin can not bounce back to its original shape and wrinkles appear.

It might make sense that products that help by increasing collagen or by increasing elastin might actually contain these proteins. However, there really is a very simple reason that this can not be the case.

To put it simply, the molecules of the collagen and elastin are too large to pass through your skin and therefore can not be absorbed. This makes products that use collagen or elastin as ingredients to be applied topically to your skin more hype than useful. People tell you that these over the counter products work by helping my skin feel less dry and smooth. As a doctor once told me, even a bad treatment is better than no treatment.

The good news is that there are some ingredients that studies have shown will increase collagen and elastin by promoting the regrowth of these proteins. This stimulation of your body to produce more collagen and elastin leads to the increase of collagen and elastin levels which helps your skin becomes more firm with less wrinkles.

Some natural substances, like phytessence wakame and cynergy TK, both of which are not found in your over the counter skin care products, can do miracles for your skin. Both stimulate growth of collagen and elastin. You can research them on the internet or take advantage of my research and learn more about such products by visiting my website found in my author bio.

Want to reduce the effect of age and restore the loss of aging collagen and elastin that have broken down with the advance of time and exposure to sunlight? Want to learn more about products that can help your skin heal and restore some of your skins youthful qualities? Take what you have learned here and continue to research.You can use google to search for more information or you can take advantage of my research and visit my website at now.

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