Can Collagen and Elastin Be Absorbed Into the Skin?

Published: 28th June 2009
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Have you read about collagen and elastin and the hype they have been given? Until I did a little research I found it more confusing than helpful. Keep reading to figure it out. Collagen and elastin are proteins in your skin that keep your skin firm and elastic. The less collagen and elastin in your skin the more wrinkles you will have. Sunlight and age are the too biggest reasons your skin looses collagen and elastin.

Ever seen the sun baked worker who (male or female) had really received some serious exposure to the sun in their life time? They almost always look older than they are in years and it is always because of the wrinkles and sagging skin.

So can the problem be fixed? Can we add more of these proteins into your body or into your skin and restore your youth? Not exactly...You see, these proteins must be part of the structure of your skin to do its job. This means it is not a simple as just adding the proteins to your body or applying it to your skin.

This brings us back to the question; can collagen be absorbed into the skin?

You see the molecules of the collagen protein can not pass through your skin and therefore can not be absorbed. While this makes products that use collagen or elastin as ingredients useless, there are some ingredients that studies have shown will increase your body's ability to produce collagen or elastin by causing the skin to regrow the proteins. As your collagen and elastin levels increase your skin becomes more firm with less wrinkles.

So what we need in a skin product that reduces wrinkles is ingredients that can promote collagen and elastin growth. You can use google to search for more information or you can take advantage of my research and visit my website at now.

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